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3Dmouthguard improves the way athletes enjoy their favorite sport by using cutting edge technology to produce sports apparel. Together with its partners, 3Dmouthguard automates and digitizes the complete process of producing customized mouthguards. Turning part of the production process digital allows better access, accuracy, delivery and personalisation. 3Dmouthguard combines comfort and safety and is “fit to score”.


It’s all about the perfect fit for you

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Your mouthguard deliverd within a few days

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Amazing quality affordable for every athlete

Flexible scan moments

scans all year round whenever you like

Turning your upperjaw into
your mouthguard in 5 seconds

By scanning the upper jaw with video technology and digitally capturing all curves and shapes of mouth and teeth, a perfectly fitted mouthguard can be printed on the spot using fused filament technology. The additive manufacturing (AM) process uses a continuous filament of DSM’s Arnitel®, a bio-based material that meets all strength, flexibility and health requirements.

The new AM technique, combined with the 3D filament material characteristics, completely automates and digitizes the process of producing customized mouthguards and prints them instantly.

In the coming months, the first 3D printed mouthguards will be thoroughly tested by athletes of Dutch field hockey clubs.

The partners’ scientists and developers will use the data captured to further finetune and scale-up the AM process, combining the extensive materials, technology, marketing and scientific knowledge of DSM, 3Dmouthguard, Carestream Dental and NHL Stenden Hogeschool.

Printing custom-made mouthguards in 3D on the spot using bio-based material that meets all strength, flexibility and health requirements.

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